Postcards from Kentucky

Howdy, all you lovely people! I am sending postcards from Kentucky this week! Which is so exciting for me, for many reasons. Kentucky is where I was born and raised. As my anxiety is at an all time high right now with  two trips coming up and so much to do. So, I am very …

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So, you want to travel long-term?

Is long term travel right for me? If you have ever asked yourself that question I bet you’ve got the travel bug pretty bad. Welcome to the club. Travel is a never ending obsession. Since the beginning of time everyone has wanted to see beyond where they are. Thousands of people have healed their exhausted souls through …

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Do you really need a travel guide?

Walking past isles and isles of overpriced tops. dresses. scarves. And then the moment of relief. “Saaammmmm” “Saaaammmmm” “I’m over here!” The sweet sound of shoes calling my name from the sale rack. You know that you can’t help yourself. We are attracted to them like moths to a flame. Then, you get home with …

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Top 3 key websites for planning a road trip

Planning a road trip is strenuous but still one of my favorite things to do. I love to plan, I’m a planner! These are my top 3 go-to websites for when I am planning a road trip! Map Customizer This is wonderful! With google maps you can’t put in more than 8 locations with the …

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11 free must-have road trip apps

So you are taking a good old fashioned road trip, aye? I have a love hate relationships with road trips. And anything I can do to make them easier..sign me up! Here is a list of apps that I found crucial to a succssful road trip. I’m here to give ya the best and the …

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My next backpacking adventure!

For my next backpacking adventure, I’m heading to the southwest! I leave in 9 days for the American southwest. I am so hype. I have never traveled alone for so long before in such a strenuous environment. Day to day life is difficult with dysautonomia and yet I have this crazy idea in my mind …

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The 3 best Kentucky Proud restaurants

For those that don’t know, when food is grown in Kentucky it gets the Kentucky Proud sticker slapped on it and sold in our grocery stores and restaurants. There are a lot of restaurants in Kentucky that have Kentucky Proud items on their menus and I’m gonna share my top 3 with you! My dear friend …

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Free vs Pay Beaches

Free vs Pay Beaches? Okay, Where to begin? This is completely up to you and your budget, and who you are with, and so on, so on, and so on. Personally, I like to go to both pay beaches and free beaches. As a budget traveler I like to go to free beaches usually. Sometimes …

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Making the most of a short trip

I spend a little time in a lot of places. Asking your self how do I make the most of this short trip is a good opener for planning a short trip. Sometimes I’m in the mood to see as much as possible while I’m in a place and other times, most of the time, I want …

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The heart of the Emerald Coast

Welcome to the heart of The Emerald Coast, Destin. The waters along the coastal city of Destin is a show for what all of the Emerald Coast looks like. Emerald, aqua, turquoise, you name the blue and it can be found in this wonderful city. So, stick around and enjoy the views! My DH and I …

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